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Singer 29k71, functional & complete

The 29K machines were manufactured in Kilbowie Scotland hence the “K” designation and were produced in long and short arm variations, the latter being more common. Latter versions were manufactured in Japan and have a “U” designation.

These machines will allow you to sew in the most awkward of places such as the inside of boots and shoes, but you can also rotate your sewing direction 360 degrees on the fly. The long arm allows you to get even deeper in to spots and is the more versatile of the patchers.

Patchers were and still are commonly found in Shoemakers / shore repair shops for their ability to get into difficult spots. They are also designed to sew leather and thicker fabrics.

This machine is one of the best condition machines I have come across with very little slop in it. It is finished in it’s original gloss black paint.